Scan for 10/10/2017

Pretty much a bland day, nothing really got going…CLNT was something I wanted to hammer on the long out the gate, but it gapped up over 100% so big miss there. Here is tomorrow. CLNT – Closed very interesting…if it … Read More

Scan for 10/9/2017

WOW, what a great week I had. Gotta say, it really is worth it to just completely disconnect from the digital world and just enjoy your life for 7 straight days. Only thing I would have to say was bad … Read More

Hot Stock Scan for 9/28/2017

Going to keep it short and sweet tonight, Really only want to look for a few trades as I am pretty busy all day tomorrow. I want to get this 1st of many videos out (taken waaaaay longer than I … Read More

Scan for 9/27/2017

Pretty back and forth day for me today, big win then would just give it right back on the next trade. Hopefully better results tomorrow. VSAR – Main watch and 2.60 full risk trade here. ORPN – Recent split, nothing … Read More

Scan for 9/25/2017

Hope everyone had a good weekend, going to keep it small this week and just grind it back up after a slow last two weeks. Ideas just not fully working and just need to get the confidence building again. I … Read More

OddStockTrader Scan 12/12/2016

Decided to do a free scan today to give some people not a part of IU what my scans look like for the most part. Lot’s of interesting movers in the OTC land so going to go back to really … Read More

Hot Stocks To Trade Video Watch List July 18th 2016

So, pretty enjoyable weekend for the most part, got quite a bit of things done and happy about that. Getting some new flooring installed Thursday so will likely just take the whole day off just to make you all aware. … Read More

Hot Stocks to Trade for July 15th.

Made a few good trades right out the gate, but gave back nearly everything messing around in the middle of the day. Was kind of foolish and I even knew better to just get away from the screens after the … Read More

Hot Stocks to Trade July 13th 2016

I was debating putting LEDS on the list last night for a morning r/g bounce move, hindsight there oh well. Today was overall pretty slow, but still decent for me. Sadly, was in scalp mode, but if the market is … Read More

Hot Stocks To Trade Watch List July 12th 2016 FREE

So today was kind of a dud for me, started off red on just about everything but at least made it all back and a little more shorting them stinking Pokemon’s with NTDOY today. Just did the short pops cover … Read More