Scan for 9/25/2017

Hope everyone had a good weekend, going to keep it small this week and just grind it back up after a slow last two weeks. Ideas just not fully working and just need to get the confidence building again. I am generally pretty honest when it comes to this stuff and I think you should be with your trading as well, just ignoring a slight slump vs. honing in on whats off at the moment is pretty important in getting yourself back in the correct mindset for great trading. Anyways here is what I am watching tomorrow.

VSAR – Keeping an eye here for basic ABCD grind action for possible intra-day trade

ICPT – Similar idea as above, but not looking to just fish for a bottom as these have been going even farther than I thought.

CYCC – Looking for a 1.70 -60 base for the swing trade

SNCR – One of the main watches, but thinking this wont have much, but fully expect a $10 push

ETRM – Main watch, 2 base and gear for the ramp.