Scan for 10/9/2017

WOW, what a great week I had. Gotta say, it really is worth it to just completely disconnect from the digital world and just enjoy your life for 7 straight days. Only thing I would have to say was bad about it was the timing. Missing T4AC was something I didn’t want to do in the slightest and knew it would be a blast, hopefully everyone that went did just that. I feel ready to attack the market tomorrow. Looks like it is all China and EV’s out there flying right now so that is what I will be watching.

LINU – Morning wash test 2 and scoop for the ramp. Likey I start a feeler long regardless on this one.

CCCL – Same play as above

CADC – Going to look for this one as sympathy if all the others start to run

CCCR – YET TO MOVE and one of my main watches for sympathy.

CLNT – Same as CCCR

KNDI – WOW, hell of a move the last week. Would use this as the main guide on all of them, $10 fail would be bad overall. Not going to trade it but use it as the guide for the rest.

CBAK – Big morning volume and ramp is only thing that would interest me here.

RAKR – So far a decent pump, well worth tracking.