My Honest Review of NightFood Ice-cream

First and foremost, I was not paid or given any incentive to write this review but after I was offered to taste taste the ice-cream I was happy to oblige with my full and honest review. This is in no … Read More

The Wild Ride of Weed Stock TLRY (Tilray)

Over the last few weeks along with the spark of CGC earnings and the Constellation Brands $4 Billion dollar investment in the company. The Marijuana stock sector has been in a total frenzy.  I have seen these types of moves … Read More

Top 10 Movers in Crypto May 2018

This might become a normal style post for me as I love the entire crypto space and want to continue to share the things that excite me in this space and keep current with the markets overall. So I want … Read More

Someone Just Spent $88,000 on a Piece of Virtual Reality Land (Decentraland)

So, as I do my standard 6-7 hours of randomly searching the internet for useful information or interesting ideas that I think have a legitimate shot at becoming something in the future I stumbled across this Decentraland a while back. … Read More

Random Crypto Scan 3/24/2018

Hey, been a while since I posted one of these but wanted to just post some charts and some of the coins I have been keeping an eye on since the last one.   BTC – Finally a nice hold … Read More

K.I.S.S Longterm Trade #2 $DDD

K.I.S.S Long Term Trade #1 UAA Under Armour

Weekend Binance Crypto Scan 1/26/2018

Join Binance here:   if you have yet to (yes I get a referral bonus, might as well be upfront about that from the GET GO) Big winner this week that I posted on my Telegram was HSR coin. The pre-promotion … Read More

Binance Scan 1/13/18

Just wanted to see if anyone would like to see some weekend scans from me in the crypto world, I will just use Binance for now, as It seems like the place with the most traders in alts right now. … Read More

OddStockTrader CryptoScan 11/22/2017

Just wanted to do a little quick watchlist update: So, thinking this ETH can definitely make a move that people are still pretty unknown about…all the talk is BTC BTC and I choose to look at ETH because of this … Read More