Binance Scan 1/13/18

Just wanted to see if anyone would like to see some weekend scans from me in the crypto world, I will just use Binance for now, as It seems like the place with the most traders in alts right now. Anyways here are the setups I see on some of the coins listed there. Keep in mind this isnt investment advice. Keep in mind the charts are based on BTC, if you would prefer USD let me know below.

HSR – HShare not to sure what this one is (I will have to look into it more) But this is ony of my favorite chart setups, the falling wedge with a defined base.


ETC – Ethereum Classic – I think, and could be wrong here, but this was one of the early forks on ETH if not the only one. Love the chart setup and I hear that they are doing a fork as well soon with an airdrop. Love the chart here on a full .0035 breakout and base.


VIB – Viberate a live music venue booker it seems. Decent setup tho with full 5000 break.


XZC – Zcoin another privacy coin, not too sure about this one, but from what I have read it seems like a good choice in the space.

XMR – Privacy coin as well, Looks like more money going to go into this, and this chart looks VERY early stages.