Hot Stock Scan for 9/28/2017

Going to keep it short and sweet tonight, Really only want to look for a few trades as I am pretty busy all day tomorrow. I want to get this 1st of many videos out (taken waaaaay longer than I expected to put together such a short video) before friday. Here is one that I will be re-doing in the future and is my favorite.

GBTC- Took a decent overnight risk that bitcoin would go higher, looking for that $750 breakout and possible $800 test for exits

MGTI- Similar idea here, but seems to flow better based on ethereum, either way same plan but $3.10s exit here.

VERI – HUGE red day today, but thinking more unwind tomorrow am followed by a sick bounce….would love $38ish area for longs but thinking we get around $41 area.

ITUS – 1st Red day an d wont be the last, my play is going to be on the washout long…shorting this just isnt my style and has been very emotional trader