Weekend Binance Crypto Scan 1/26/2018

Join Binance here:   if you have yet to (yes I get a referral bonus, might as well be upfront about that from the GET GO)

Big winner this week that I posted on my Telegram was HSR coin. The pre-promotion style load was impressive and they finally let it get some legs from $13 to nearly $20 in two days. Still have some but plan on holding it for a while. Anyways, lets get to some charts.

BTC – Pretty much everything as far as ETH and LTC is following this major trend, I think it is still 50/50 here with bearish feeling overall on it. Just need some nice fear/panic washouts on it

ZRX – One of my favorite long terms and still have some sub .20 shares. Nice breakout vs. BTC today.


DGD – Interesting daily, but like it to the upside here.

SALT – Like the risk reward potential here over weekend.

XLM – Use the .60 USD price as the guide on this one for risk. But actually like this one for a decent swing provided BTC doesnt get hammered.