Cryptocurrency Scan Nov 19 2017

So, I spent just about ALL weekend (even the ladder hours of the night) looking at crypto charts and everything, obviously with Bitcoin now at $8,000 it should stir up the ICO market again, even more so if ETH goes crazy again (which I expect). With that I decided to create a crypto scan of just 5 setups that I will look for this week with price alerts.

NOW, there is a huge risk in some of these, hell even I have no idea how much there actually is right now…but you might have to join some risky exchanges to actually trade these, so be aware and be VERY careful out there.

These are the best setups that I could find with recent movers for this week.

(Leave a comment on if you like this or if I should only post in BTC prices on the chart or USD prices…or both.) 


ETH (Ethereum) – Provided the $350 level stays as support for the next few days after the recent breakout should see some very decent upside on this perfect ABCD chart.

ETH Chart Watchlist

RDN (Raiden Network Token) – Really know NOTHING about this token, but this list is only based on the charts. Looking for the 2.40 breakout for a potential buy. Price alerts are set at that level.

CVC (Civic) – Looking for potential bottom feeder trade on this one, ideally want to see a perk above .31ish and the base for the risk off the lows.

PURA (PURA) –  Not sure what this one is exactly but had a sick move in the last few days. Looking for retest of .75 for potential buys. VERY THIN and only 1 Exchange…so be aware.

SC (Siacoin) – Bottom style trade here..want to see .0045 breakout and base before taking any position.

STEEM (Steemit) – This is a social network where you earn steem for posts and upvotes….have been using them for a little while and like it. Want $1 breakout and base with .84 as the risk.