Random Crypto Scan 3/24/2018

Hey, been a while since I posted one of these but wanted to just post some charts and some of the coins I have been keeping an eye on since the last one.


BTC – Finally a nice hold in the last while, bee straight selling for quite a while. Also SPY recently got sold off hard. I think it will be telling if that money directly rotates in crypto with a possible move here.


ETH –  Regardless of how far this has gone recently, this is an interesting support spot. and Possible B in the ACBD setup.

BAT – My favorite crypto project of all out there. The tech functions but still in beta actually. Just do some research here on why I like it.


MANA – One of my other favorites. They are in the VR land trading market already within market.decentraland.org its pretty interesting if you haven’t looked at it. The interesting thing here is the stability of the price over .06 in this recent move down.

TNT – Microsoft and Philips on the main page as partners is basically all I know here about this one. Finally found a recent bottom.

NCASH –  Newly listed and have seen a few promotional videos for them, interesting stuff actually. been steady since listing.