Scan for 10/10/2017

Pretty much a bland day, nothing really got going…CLNT was something I wanted to hammer on the long out the gate, but it gapped up over 100% so big miss there. Here is tomorrow.

CLNT – Closed very interesting…if it doesnt do the same candle back as in May, would be looking to long this…however if 6 peaks out then avoiding.

HMNY – HOLY….what an insane move..would be looking for the blowoff top and washout play here.

NEOT – Gapped this one, nice idea on the day here by nate.

BSPM – Weak open sub 2 wash snags for ramp

MRNS – Washout under $5 play for long.

LINU – Gut says its not over….want to see 1.50 base and gear though.