Chart Similarities & Chart Stuffing

Recognizing Similar Chart Setups Today I wanted to review SCOK chart and some of the things you should be looking for when day trading. This example has come up a few times in the last week and wanted to share … Read More

RADA Rada Electronics trade recap & the short that could have been

So today after watching the new Tandem Trader DVD, which if you don’t have it, pick it up here , there was a long that I should have recognized as a potential short given the example in the DVD … Read More

Nightly Money Scan 11/11/2014

Market just seems to keep on chugging along with the SPY still not really showing any signs of pulling back which is given us alot of choppy trading days over the last week or so. Here are the few things … Read More

Something Big Coming…..Wait and see

So, this is my first blog post in over a year and for good reason, you will be seeing soon, hopefully a few months some new things on here and my “special” thing that I created this entire site for. … Read More

Penny Stock Watchlist for June 19th 2013

Pretty slow summer day all in all, nothing really to say so lets get to the list. $NTEK .03 holding well, but .028 is the real support area, and breakdown of that and rall over for now, longed some near … Read More

Penny Stock Watchlist for June 18th 2013

Nice trades today, let keep it rolling tomorrow, been a good set of weeks, and plan to make some bigger money this week on trades, as who knows, it might be my last week to trade for a while. So … Read More

Monday the 17th of June Penny Stock Watchlist

Just three stocks I am watching for monday and they are as follows: $NTEK nice breakout and keeps going, might see two very large candles for monday tuesday, I would prefer 1 big one with consolidaiton days, and a push … Read More

Can $NTEK Nanotech Ent. do a $DROP type of move?

So lets be quite honest here, I think that $NTEK might actually be able to pull of a $DROP type of move. Company seems to be doing the same thing, giving out good pr’s and that is what $DROP did … Read More

Penny Stocks To Watch for June 12th 2013

Wanted to just make a quick watchlist and let everyone know what I am eyeballing tomorrow. Wow my $NTEK idea was a 100% from less than 2 weeks ago, I bought at .0119 and sold at .0134 but it touched … Read More

This Week’s Trades and Some Penny Stock Trade Ideas

So I have been quite hot lately and that has prompted me to write a post with a little watchlist. It started rough this week, losing 60% on a small options positions on $AAPL, i was early, as it is … Read More