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Odd Stock Watchlist for 7/5/2016

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July Weekend! As many of you may have noticed for Fridays trading session that it was quite slow during the mid day, and even into the close. What does this mean and why … Read More

Odd Stock Scan 7/01/16

Great trades on AMPE and GALE today, was nice after the crappy day I had yesterday going like 1 for 12, happens, shake it off and come prepared each day is what its about. As maybe some of you noticed … Read More

Odd Stock Scan 6/30/2016

Man, had a rough start to the morning, really only wanted to trade TWLO around sub 30 and focus on that today, instead got distracted and involved in the “starter” game and in like 15 different tickers. When I do … Read More

Odd Stock Trading Watchlist 6/29/2016

Pretty nice day today for me, got to live trade in front of my 90 year old grandma, and man o man, she is STILL sharp as a tack and loves loves loves trading, wakes up at 6am each day … Read More

Day Trading Stock Scan for Jan 25th 2016

TROV looking for a r/g move with risk on 4.50s for a continuation over $5 SPHS weak open for a r/g move 2.20s risk on this idea with a push towards $3 ZFGN looking for any pops near $10 to … Read More

Top 5 Stock Scan for 8/7/2015

CAPN Looking for a 2.50 shove for a nice ss, this was up quite a bit today based on the SSR that was triggered. If wash under 2 at open my bias would switch quickly to the long side. AVXL … Read More

Penny Stocks To Watch for June 12th 2013

Wanted to just make a quick watchlist and let everyone know what I am eyeballing tomorrow. Wow my $NTEK idea was a 100% from less than 2 weeks ago, I bought at .0119 and sold at .0134 but it touched … Read More

This Week’s Trades and Some Penny Stock Trade Ideas

So I have been quite hot lately and that has prompted me to write a post with a little watchlist. It started rough this week, losing 60% on a small options positions on $AAPL, i was early, as it is … Read More

5 Hot Stock to Watch for Thursday March 14, 2012

CCRY nice subber trend so far, looking like it might want to rest here but the swing idea is there on dips if this trend holds up. SAPX really nice trend today, this thing is a turd so be wary … Read More

$SAPX Seven Arts Pictures Sub-Penny Play

Taking a look at the action and the l2 on this today, gives me an idea someone was propping it up. For what reason I don’t know but my trade is purley based on technical analysis. (Full Disclosure: I am … Read More