Time & Attention – What the Fuck Are We Doing?

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The Wild Ride of Weed Stock TLRY (Tilray)

Over the last few weeks along with the spark of CGC earnings and the Constellation Brands $4 Billion dollar investment in the company. The Marijuana stock sector has been in a total frenzy.  I have seen these types of moves … Read More

Top 10 Movers in Crypto May 2018

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Someone Just Spent $88,000 on a Piece of Virtual Reality Land (Decentraland)

So, as I do my standard 6-7 hours of randomly searching the internet for useful information or interesting ideas that I think have a legitimate shot at becoming something in the future I stumbled across this Decentraland a while back. … Read More

K.I.S.S Longterm Trade #2 $DDD

K.I.S.S Long Term Trade #1 UAA Under Armour

Venturing Into The World of Trading Crypto Currencies. BITCOIN ETHEREUM & MORE (Pt1)

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Why I Think BLTO (BingoNation, Inc) Will Fall 90%+ or be Halted.

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Why I think ZENO (Zenosense Inc.) Stock Will Collapse By 90% or More.

As you may or may not have known, the Pump and Dump game has been quite strong in the market since the Election of a new President, whether or not if it would have been Hillary vs. Trump is debatable … Read More

The $1,000 Robinhood Trading Challenge

CURRENT PROGRESS +16.2% Ok, So I was going do to 2k but had to wait 4-5 days to get it in..so decided 1k is fine and will be good enough to prove my point about this whole thing. I am … Read More