Cryptocurrency Scan Nov 19 2017

So, I spent just about ALL weekend (even the ladder hours of the night) looking at crypto charts and everything, obviously with Bitcoin now at $8,000 it should stir up the ICO market again, even more so if ETH goes … Read More

Scan for 10/10/2017

Pretty much a bland day, nothing really got going…CLNT was something I wanted to hammer on the long out the gate, but it gapped up over 100% so big miss there. Here is tomorrow. CLNT – Closed very interesting…if it … Read More

Scan for 10/9/2017

WOW, what a great week I had. Gotta say, it really is worth it to just completely disconnect from the digital world and just enjoy your life for 7 straight days. Only thing I would have to say was bad … Read More

Hot Stock Scan for 9/28/2017

Going to keep it short and sweet tonight, Really only want to look for a few trades as I am pretty busy all day tomorrow. I want to get this 1st of many videos out (taken waaaaay longer than I … Read More

Scan for 9/27/2017

Pretty back and forth day for me today, big win then would just give it right back on the next trade. Hopefully better results tomorrow. VSAR – Main watch and 2.60 full risk trade here. ORPN – Recent split, nothing … Read More

Scan for 9/25/2017

Hope everyone had a good weekend, going to keep it small this week and just grind it back up after a slow last two weeks. Ideas just not fully working and just need to get the confidence building again. I … Read More

Venturing Into The World of Trading Crypto Currencies. BITCOIN ETHEREUM & MORE (Pt1)

So, I want to tell you a little story. (Part 1) One that maybe you heard from a friend but it all started for me back in late 2011 when I stumbled upon, (how I got there I still don’t … Read More

Why I Think BLTO (BingoNation, Inc) Will Fall 90%+ or be Halted.

Well, let’s just all take a quick look at something that has happened quite a bit since the election. I have been paying extremely close attention to the OTC markets and I wanted to share with you a recent trend … Read More

Why I think ZENO (Zenosense Inc.) Stock Will Collapse By 90% or More.

As you may or may not have known, the Pump and Dump game has been quite strong in the market since the Election of a new President, whether or not if it would have been Hillary vs. Trump is debatable … Read More

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