Let’s Talk Stocks – Episode 3 STEM Breakout

What a STEM breakout today. Man this was one of those trades that you just need to hold onto once you get a decent early gain.

Let’s Talk Stocks – Episode 2 – TWLO Breakout

After the recent breakout in TWLO over the last few days it seems like today’s parabolic signaled the top on the stock for the next few days. REN has also been a thorn in the side of long term swing … Read More

Let’s Talk Stocks – Episode 1 – ACIA Earnings Breakout

On Today’s episode I went over some of the trades that I took today in ACIA TWLO and SAEX. ACIA breakout and TWLO started today as well after they had earnings, along with that ACIA did the same and surpassing … Read More

Hot Stocks To Trade Video Watch List July 18th 2016

So, pretty enjoyable weekend for the most part, got quite a bit of things done and happy about that. Getting some new flooring installed Thursday so will likely just take the whole day off just to make you all aware. … Read More

Hot Stocks to Trade for July 15th.

Made a few good trades right out the gate, but gave back nearly everything messing around in the middle of the day. Was kind of foolish and I even knew better to just get away from the screens after the … Read More

Hot Stocks to Trade July 13th 2016

I was debating putting LEDS on the list last night for a morning r/g bounce move, hindsight there oh well. Today was overall pretty slow, but still decent for me. Sadly, was in scalp mode, but if the market is … Read More

Hot Stocks To Trade Watch List July 12th 2016 FREE

So today was kind of a dud for me, started off red on just about everything but at least made it all back and a little more shorting them stinking Pokemon’s with NTDOY today. Just did the short pops cover … Read More

Hot Stocks To Trade Watch List 7/11/2016

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to go on Monday, Spent quite a bit of time today learning how to refine my videos for you guys, that way they are short, sweet, visually awesome and to the … Read More

Odd Stock Scan for 7/8/2016

Boy, was I absolutely tired this morning, from long night of soccer to not being able to get more than 1 hour of sleep, just pooped out, still gotta be awake for the open regardless though. I rarely ever miss … Read More

Odd Stock Scan for 7/7/2016

Hell of a day on TWLO, hope everyone that traded it nailed it today, sometimes you just get the stock to do exactly what you expect and it becomes one of the easiest and stress free days you have. I … Read More