Shorting CBIS Day Trade Video

The $1,000 Robinhood Trading Challenge

CURRENT PROGRESS +16.2% Ok, So I was going do to 2k but had to wait 4-5 days to get it decided 1k is fine and will be good enough to prove my point about this whole thing. I am … Read More

Top 13 Twitter Trading Accounts To Follow for 2017

So, I see a bunch of these type of posts out on the internet and I honestly can’t recall or even follow any of the lists that are posted on the big financial sites. So, I decided to do my … Read More

OddStockTrader Scan 12/12/2016

Decided to do a free scan today to give some people not a part of IU what my scans look like for the most part. Lot’s of interesting movers in the OTC land so going to go back to really … Read More

The Mental Side Effects of Full Time Trading – The Gutter to Highs

I wanted to write this post and reflect on the last 3 months of trading and maybe help you out with when you get it in your mind that you just want to quit and give up on day-trading as … Read More

Let’s Talk Stocks – Episode 4 – THLD Chart Breakout

Check out that THLD breakout on the daily chart. THLD was something that I had been watching for a recent breakout in that .67 area. The second that I saw it was hitting highs of the day with volume, I … Read More

Let’s Talk Stocks – Episode 3 STEM Breakout

What a STEM breakout today. Man this was one of those trades that you just need to hold onto once you get a decent early gain.

Let’s Talk Stocks – Episode 2 – TWLO Breakout

After the recent breakout in TWLO over the last few days it seems like today’s parabolic signaled the top on the stock for the next few days. REN has also been a thorn in the side of long term swing … Read More

Let’s Talk Stocks – Episode 1 – ACIA Earnings Breakout

On Today’s episode I went over some of the trades that I took today in ACIA TWLO and SAEX. ACIA breakout and TWLO started today as well after they had earnings, along with that ACIA did the same and surpassing … Read More

Hot Stocks To Trade Video Watch List July 18th 2016

So, pretty enjoyable weekend for the most part, got quite a bit of things done and happy about that. Getting some new flooring installed Thursday so will likely just take the whole day off just to make you all aware. … Read More