My Honest Review of NightFood Ice-cream

First and foremost, I was not paid or given any incentive to write this review but after I was offered to taste taste the ice-cream I was happy to oblige with my full and honest review. This is in no way any endorsement of the NGTF stock and I do currently own some shares as of writing this article.

WOW! For a low calorie, pre-bed treat this might be one of my favorite new things ever.

I tend to like to get negativity out of the way first, so. If there was any single flavor that I did not dislike out of all of them would have to be the Cookies and Cream. Something about the cookies tasted bland.

As for all of the other flavors, my favorite had to be oddly enough the Bed and Breakfast. It had some very impressive taste profiles and was not something I expected to enjoy so much.

Ranking of each based on my preferences would have to be.

#1 Bed and Breakfast

#2 Milk & Cookie Dough

#3 After Dinner Mint Chip

#4 Full Moon Vanilla

#5 Midnight Chocolate

#6 Cherry Eclipse

#7 Cookies and Dreams

I did have some family and friends try these as well to get a wider audience and it did seem like the top flavors were.

Bed and Breakfast and After Dinner Mint Chip

The lowest

Cherry Eclipse and Cookies and Dreams

I want to thank the Nightfood Ice Cream team for sending me free product to test! It was very enjoyable!