The Wild Ride of Weed Stock TLRY (Tilray)

Over the last few weeks along with the spark of CGC earnings and the Constellation Brands $4 Billion dollar investment in the company. The Marijuana stock sector has been in a total frenzy. 

I have seen these types of moves happen again and again over the last 8 years and they all tend to look the same. Either it is Crypto, IPO’s, Forklifts or a slew of other things, the moves all have one thing in common, SHORT SQUEEZES.

Now I will be the first to say $TRLY up here is massively overvalued (but it can keep on going) along with a nicely timed lockup expiration just a few days after MJ becomes fully legal in Canada, interesting coincidence there.

Either way, short sellers are in a massive bind in TLRY at the moment and it is interesting to watch and learn how a short squeeze is created for anyone new.

I fully expect this to at least break $100 and then end just the same way all of these moves end. Just like the chart examples below.

GO-PRO – IPO Mania
PLUG – Forklift/Fuel Cell Mania
LAKE – Ebola Mania