Someone Just Spent $88,000 on a Piece of Virtual Reality Land (Decentraland)

So, as I do my standard 6-7 hours of randomly searching the internet for useful information or interesting ideas that I think have a legitimate shot at becoming something in the future I stumbled across this Decentraland a while back.

Interesting concept, interesting rule sets for owning your own piece of virtual reality land via the MANA token and Ethereum blockchain. This project really interested me, not so much because crypto was really hot at the moment but for what the idea actually was for. If this is something that ever actually gets used remains to be seen, however, following money and what money is being spent on is another area that I really enjoy looking at. I might need to be fact checked here but something around $18,000,000 was spend on the Decentraland land auction. Some of the prime locations were sold for around $100,000+. I would have you take a look at the project yourself and see if you find it as interesting as me, Anyways.

Recent just before the release of Ready Player One and following the Land Bot to track the open market sales of Land one of the most recent purchases struck me as a…wow.



Now I then decided to ahead and take a look at the specific location on the marketplace that it was purchased.

It would appear that he is now attempting to re-sell the lot for ~$700,000 (as of the MANA price when this post was written)

Maybe it will sell, maybe it will sit there for eternity. Either way, this is the amount of $ spend on random things in crypto that should turn at least a few eyeballs.

Just figured this was something to share on here. if you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment below.

“As of this post this was the largest price paid for a plot in the open marketplace.”