Top 10 Movers in Crypto May 2018

This might become a normal style post for me as I love the entire crypto space and want to continue to share the things that excite me in this space and keep current with the markets overall. So I want to start at minimum a Top Monthly movers post so enjoy.

1. ZCL – ZClassic

  • Not a coin that I think will really have a major use case in the next 10 years as It was highly bid up during the fork announcement and then crushed. This was simply quite the dead cat bounce move that spurred it to be the top mover during the month of April. Overall, this is not something I personally like as a project. (unless someone would like to educate me on this one.)
  • This coin is on it own network now and would need to have to download the correct offline cold storage wallets to own it unless you feel comfortable holding it on an exchange.

2. ONT – Ontology

  • This one caught my attention early in April purely from the technical chart standpoint. So naturally I had to look into the project. This is a token that is on the NEO blockchain and can be held within the NEON downloadable wallet along with NEO GAS and the other array of NEO tokens on the market. My take on Ontology is that (and I may be wrong here) it is attempting to go the route of improving the functionality that the Ethereum network brings. I personally have a hard time thinking that anyone will be the network effect that ETH has created but I am excited to see what they can do.

3. EOS – EOS 

  • Similar but written in better ways than what Ethereum can do EOS is attempting to improve vastly on the functions that ETH has. Currently it is a token on the Ethereum blockchain but from what I have read is that it will soon be moving to its own coin status sometime in early June. This is an exciting one to watch and to see what use cases it can bring to the world of Crypto. Right now you can hold this offline with a Trezor or Ledger Nano S but with the upcoming chain move you may want to (for ease sake) move it into an exchange wallet until that has been sorted out.

4. GNT – Golem

  • The world network super computer project. This actually is VERY interesting to me and could actually have quite a big network of users. It is something I haven’t fully looked into but the Billions of dollars in volume traded speaks for itself. Essentially from my understanding is that there will be a market to render digital needs (maybe VR items or other tasks needed to be done quickly with large computing needs) for sale/bid on the marketplace they will have. I will have to look into it more but I assume that you could essentially at some point earn GNT tokens from allowing your computer to be used during downtime on the network, similar to Substratum.
  • GNT is currently an ER20 Token so it can be stored on a Trezor or Ledger or via MyEtherWallet (MEW)

5. BTS – BitShares

  • I have not looked into this project in the slightest so I will let you do the research on this one. I will be doing it as well.
  • Runs on its own blockchain so you will need to download the correct wallet to store offline.

6. AE – Aeternity

  • Essentially Lighting fast smart contract is the main use here. I could see how with Ethereum transaction times being over 4-5 minutes sometimes a faster more efficient way to have it done could be quite useful. The Consensus on this one uses a mix of POS and POW so that makes it interesting as well as Ether currently only uses POW (to my knowledge) This is by far one of the more interesting projects to me and will be following it closely.
  • AE currently is an ER20 Token as well and may eventually move into its own coin network but currently can be held in MEW Trezor and Ledger.

7. TRX – Tron Network

  • For whatever reason I am NOT a fan of Tron and If I am wrong on this one then so be it. I will let you decide if this is something you like.

8. KNC – Kyber Network

  • A fully decentralized exchange with options to trade directly from your Trezor, Ledger, JSON, Metamask and Private Keys. Not a new concept but a working one right now. There is however another in the space that is going about it slower but in a better way currently and that is MKR. With Maker you can already pull down your tax information and with the coming 2018 taxes that will be a HUGE step towards adoption. I can see why this simplistic exchange will be huge as it is a MUCH needed part of the currently hard-to-buy-stuff crypto world. These types of networks will slowly become more valuable until a major one emerges (Bancor is another)

9. BAT – Basic Attention Token

  • As you may or may not know this is by FAR my favorite coin in the entire space. They have a huge wall to climb when it comes to mass browser adoption over Google’s Chrome but I really think it can be done. The browser is head and shoulders above the competition right now and it’s still in beta. BAT essentially removes the middle man in the advertisement industry and if you didn’t know, that is a MASSIVE part of the internet right now. I urge to you read up on this project as it can fundamentally change the industry.
  • The major reason for this months move was the teaming up with the Dow Jones group to test out the BAT token.
  • BAT is an ER20 Token and can be stored in an Trezor, Ledger or MEW

10. STEEM – Steemit Network

  • One of the first projects in the space that I actually tested out. It is essentially a decentralized user based platform where you can post a blog and share it via the network. Once your post gets viewed, upvotted or liked you can actually earn the currency of STEEM on the platform and get paid for the posts you make on there. I will be including this post on that site as well. Very interesting stuff and one of my other enjoyed crypto projects.
  • STEEM is on its own blockchain.

My Take on the overall Crypto Space moves During April was:

“Find the NEW ETHEREUM Network”