How To Find Stocks to Trade and Create A Watchlist

I get several questions a day about how I find stocks that are moving before they move, as you may or may not know, I like to try to find momentum stocks before they¬†make their large move to the upside. … Read More

Year 1 of Full Time Trading – The Highs & The Lows

So, as I sit here an ponder the past few weeks after one of the biggest downswings I think I have ever had, not to mention this coming right off a very nice win streak on a lot of the … Read More

New Members Webinar Tuesday Jan. 19th at 8PM Eastern

Come one and come all, if your new to IU or even a seasoned trader that wants to get into the mind of another (who knows, might learn something) then post your questions here for the last part of the … Read More

Got Beard?

So, as a trader, you generally don’t need to care how you look to society, and sometimes, that manly look starts to take over your face. I want to collect some of the best traders beards out there. I will … Read More

The Breadth of Stock Moves & The Rule of 4’s

Trying to find the top, or find the bottom? Most traders are doing just that, but how many are actually able to do that, I’d venture to say about the same average as there are winning traders 10% or even … Read More

Oh These Summer Trading Days

All-in! So what I find myself doing after around, oh 7:00am (10am eastern) is nearly no trading on these slow slow days, but yet I don’t want to miss that one trade that could make the whole week or month, … Read More

Great Day In Chat +$2550 on Day Trades Recap

Great day in chat today guys, had some sick alerts out there and some crazy runners. Just wanted to recap a few of the day trades that I took. First one was CSLT which I intended to take as a … Read More

Sympathy Trades on Momentum to Upside CERE & GEVO

  GEVO and CERE both ran up this morning so I had my eye on any continued momentum as I missed both moves on the long side (I am a long sided trader for the most part) so keeping both … Read More

Today’s Trades Turned into Swing Trades $890 Day

So, just decided to show the two day trades I made today, the logic behind them and the reason I turned both into swing trades vs. day trades. Technically based on closing prices I am sitting on a paper gain … Read More

The Power Long – My Favorite Chart Setup

Now, let me start by saying, I have seen this pattern several times and each time I see it, I trade it, holding it the entire way….thats another story. I wanted to share this setup as it can apply to … Read More