How To Find Stocks to Trade and Create A Watchlist

I get several questions a day about how I find stocks that are moving before they move, as you may or may not know, I like to try to find momentum stocks before they make their large move to the upside. This can be a daunting task for many a trader and aspiring trader. I want to go over in detail step by step on what I look for when attempting to find 4-6 of these stocks before the market opens the next day, that way we can take full advantage of being first to the trade.

So, one of my first steps to this process is to log into, they provide alot of great free scanning tools that give you a nice list of charts that all fit the criteria that you list for your own scan. Not all of the stocks that are going to make this list necessarily make the final cut of the watch list. There is still alot of pruning of this list to be done.

Now I like to have a few different types of scans for the different types of setups that I specially look for on a daily basis, I will go over these in much more detail later on, and if your like me you don’t really like everything spoon-fed to you, you gotta eventually fend for yourself in this game, but if that is something you want me to make another video on, leave a comment below.

Hopefully you enjoy the video as I want to keep these coming with the topics that you guys want to learn, I can go into whatever subjects you are all looking for, just need to ask. Cheers and Enjoy The Video!