New Members Webinar Tuesday Jan. 19th at 8PM Eastern

Come one and come all, if your new to IU or even a seasoned trader that wants to get into the mind of another (who knows, might learn something) then post your questions here for the last part of the Q&A section. My goal for this is that everyone gets a basic understanding of the room and gets most of their basic and even more challenging questions answered. Hopefully this is insightful to everyone and they have a good time.

POST YOUR QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS BELOWdaytrading-stocks-learn-to-trade

  • Deezy

    Hello, I would very much love to know what type of overlays and technical indicators you guys routinely use? Also I would like to know more about Das Trader and where I can acquire it for you only have a video in regards to the instructions towards the use of it.

  • John

    I would like to better understand Nat’s terminology that he uses on his watch list and in the chat room.

  • Parv Patel

    Could you discuss what does it mean when something gets heavy? What ques are we looking in the chart to know something is getting heavy at certain point and there might be trend reversal? Thanks you!!

  • StockKing

    I love the syllabus of what you are already going to cover, but can you address the price of the stocks you trade? (again you may already be doing this)

  • GLS

    Small accounts that are under the PDT and don’t want to join Sure Trader. Can you explain how you go about trading 3 times a week and what set ups to look for?

  • Matt DeLong

    what is your intraday workflow? Zooming in out of 5-min charts to 1-day and zoom into 1-min charts? Using moving average crossovers for trends to present themselves? Size in with 1,000 share increments on stuff that meets your setups? Please elaborate on your daily workflow.

  • irishnugget

    Have you any advice with regard to sizing in and out for really small accounts? I am starting off slowly and only trading 100/200 shares at a time as I learn my trade. Does it make sense to size in and out for such small size or does it make more sense to go in full size every time with hard stops in place? Any other tips for a starter trading really small sizes?

  • Louie

    Been trading on and off for almost 2 years now. I have found some profitability but i just cant make it seem more consistent. Blown up my account more than 3 times. =(

    I looked back at my trades and saw that I have big, massive losers. (big enough to wipe out my account down to 50%) My problem is I cant admit my mistake and get out in a trade quickly. Its so easy to say “cut your losses quickly” but when your in a trade and the trade is going against you, I just freeze and not do anything. Setting a hard stop is not an option as I am more a “reactionary trader” and most of the stocks quickly move.

    So a question for you, from your own personal experience:
    1. how did you manage to overcome your ego and admit the loss?
    2. Do you have certain techniques to avoid a massive loss (such as slapping yourself back to reality?)
    3. how do you actually cut your losses? can you run us thru whats in your head when you exit a losing trade? what do you do afterwards? (i tend to revenge trade, magnifying the problem even worst)

    I think thats my only hump for now. I just need to figure it out. Please help.

    Thanks for your time in this webinar

    • ticker

      Louie, I had the same problems few years back, in the meantime I was able to overcome the fear of losses after I read this Book Trading in the Zone, he talks about how to change your Mindset towards Losses, basically you need to see losses as your expenses to do Business. The Losses enable you the possibility to make Profits, same as every Business owner first have to invest Money in his Products, Development first, before he is able to make money, hope this helps you further

  • Fresh

    Sup Cody Oddstock!

    If you havnt covered this already:

    1. Can you talk about your progession from new trader to consistent trader, and any tips or lessons learned along the way?

    2. What was your favorite setup(s) in this early stage?


  • irishnugget

    Can you please explain, in your terms, what a stuff is? It’s a concept I run into often, but haven’t managed to wrap my head around.

  • Clarkson

    When Jordan and Alex first started out they had each other to bounce ideas off of which led to great success for them both. Do you have a trading buddy you talk to everyday? Do you recommend new traders look for one? What criteria should I use to find one?

  • Don’tTreadOnMe

    Hey Cody, can you describe your trading desk set up and who do you use for charting and trading stocks?

  • Zuzu

    When trading a stock, do you look at the news for the stock, to see why it is moving? Or do you just trade based on the chart?

  • Chris

    Will this be recorded? Unfortunately can’t catch it live

    • OddStockTrader

      Yes it will be recorded

  • Chris

    Better to start with sure trader instead of interactive brokers, if pdt isn’t an issue?

  • Chris

    How many stocks to watch at one time if you are new to trading?

    Is there an easy way to know if a ticker is an otc?

    Types of sectors to avoid for beginners besides etf?

  • JT_0024

    It’s refreshing to hear your story because I’m starting my journey playing just as small. How long did it take you to start playing “larger” sizes? i.e. 1000+ shares

  • Billy Idol

    What’s Speedtrader ALGO?