Trade Recap Video and Respecting Price Action $TROV

  • Maxim Wagner

    Hi, in TROV you say it would be one easy trade to long it with
    the risk set at the 4 (10:30 to 11:00), can you explain a bit more why you
    would be so sure that it bottomed there? And you recaps are awesome by the way!

    • OddStockTrader

      After it had made three previous bases right around that area, and with the whole $4 number right below, you could have taken a .10 risk based on that or use the 9:52am low as a guide as well. Thanks

  • Азиз Иманов

    Thanks for sharing! Much appreciated! Got some questions:

    1) Did you long $ZFGN because of the wash out near market open?
    2) What if it didn’t crack the base on $TROV for a few cents, would you think that it’s going to squeeze or you you’d wait for any crack to come?
    3) Do you care about company news or revenues (I mean to convict yourself that it’s real vs. junk)?
    4) What do you use as Oil indicator? Is it futures on index?


    • OddStockTrader

      Yea, I took the other side of the ZFGN idea, as I thought it would squeeze..on TROV it just had a crowded feel, and i knew that going in, so I feel i got somewhat lucky it showed it wasn’t going to break. Yes news does matter, but day one, avoid shorting, id be more apt to long it, even if junk. I just want /CL on TOS.