Top 13 Twitter Trading Accounts To Follow for 2017

So, I see a bunch of these type of posts out on the internet and I honestly can’t recall or even follow any of the lists that are posted on the big financial sites. So, I decided to do my own, and share my perspective on the people that I find to be a valuable follow on the Twitter-sphere.

It really comes down to three things for me

  1. Do they offer something that helps/helped my trading.
  2. Are they insightful about the market and have respectable information to give.
  3. Entertainment Value.

So here it goes, starting from the bottom…and don’t be lazy and go to the bottom of the page to see who is #1 first. I would include myself in this list, but you found this page somehow….didn’t you πŸ˜‰

#13 TradeHawk

Quick, useful and actionable trade alerts. Usually the first one to post important filings on just about every ticker.

#12 OptionsHawk

If you are interested in the options game, Joe has been one of my favorite follows for quite some time now. Posting the “odd” options trades that usually wind up being HUGE winners.

#11 Stt2318

If you are looking for chartists that post great setups, look no further.

#10 PyschoOnWallSt

What do I say about this man. WELL, along with being a dog lover and having the mind of a crazy genius, you will find yourself wondering and laughing at his tweets. A must follow in my eyes, as long as you are ok with thinking at some point whilst reading his posts.

#9 SangLucci

The man, myth and legend of the options world. He runs his own service and posts some funny things along the way. He often does a few CHEESESTEAK giveaways every now and then.

#8 D4yTrad3

Fast. Tradeable ideas that shows he takes the time to do his research on the trades he is making. Great for news posts as well.

#7 OpenOutcrier

Quick to hit the twitterland with actionable trading information including rumor style news.

#6 OzarkTrades

The quiet albeit extremely good trader. Honest about his trades, he often posts his ideas in lengthy blog style posts. If you take the time to read them you will find yourself learning more about your own trading.

#5 QTRResearch

Funny, MEME’y (if that can be a new word) Also comes out with some impressive research related posts involving stocks that are currently trading on heavy volume and volatility.

#4 Modern_Rock

You may or may not already follow this one but he has a slew of great information along with the occasional great rant.

#3 AuspexResearch

I recently spend an entire afternoon reading everything he had to post about in the tweet below. It was like following my own crazy mind so if you are able to read everything (in order that is) then you will quickly figure out why he is at the top of my list.

#2 InvestorsLive

Run’s the top online trading room on the internet. Educational and informative posts on a constant basis. A must Follow if you really want to learn the intricacy’s of the market.

#1 MonacoTrader

I had to go with the top spot for this man as he is just someone who is always willing to help, post trade ideas, awesome twitter follower giveaways and information. I find myself always going back and reading his tweets even if I missed them on the day as they are insightful and thought provoking. Monaco is a must follow and my top choice.