Odd Stock Scan for 7/6/16

Missed part of the mid morning today due wifes hilarious wisdom tooth removal, got some funny videos of it, but felt like I didn’t miss much during that time. TWTR I ended up just taking it off flatish when I was at the docs office so that was a dud. BGI started in early but thankfully didnt add anything until the $5 area halt and ended up saving myself and getting out with a small profit, but the squeeze was definitely not something I enjoyed and it had been a while. So hopefully some of the comments helped today about it easily doing 3- 3.50s while it was sub 2.80s. Tomorrow I expect a few things to get moving, as there were probably a lot of people still gone today (notice the extra slowness mid day) but should be fun.

TWLO – Started a few long just to keep my eyes glued to this one tomorrow, Really thinking if we can break and base at $34 this will be a great swing setup, so just continuing to monitor it. Once the SPY cranks to new highs and has “one of those days” people will quickly remember that hot recent IPO. Call me crazy but seriously thinking $70s at some point…he we have seen crazier, and that was just a camera on a stick company.

BGI – INSANE move today, the halts made this one nearly untrade-able but was thankful to get out with a small gain. The daily chart was irrelevant so posted the 5-min of today’s action. This had what, 31 halts today, gotta be a record or something.  One thing to notice is the 2.50s if they base and perk tomorrow can easily rip back to highs. Should be interesting.

OESX – Had a bunch of the 1.17s today on the 45.5M contract news, but man someone was selling HARD into that news and the rest of the day. Did manage to get a tiny bit off at 1.36s but minimized the rest. Floating up a/h likely on all the attention but if this doesn’t hold 1.25s no reason for me to get back in. Just going to watch and see if it can make a decent trend.

XBIT – Absolutely amazing pull on this day……………………..