Penny Stock Watchlist for June 19th 2013

Pretty slow summer day all in all, nothing really to say so lets get to the list.

$NTEK .03 holding well, but .028 is the real support area, and breakdown of that and rall over for now, longed some near the close, thinking this has legs to .05, may need to consolidate in this area for a while.

$PGRX nice volume and trend today, lets see if it can keep it up and maybe push through that .25, could get a nice run on this if it can get over .35

$FLPC long some at .0074 on this one as well, lets see if it can break over .008 then its back to .01 and maybe even .02

$REAC nice bounce off bottom, this can run as you can see on the chart

$MINE snuck back up to highs fast, wanna see it go through .003 and then it can fly.

$PLUG thinking another leg here, so we will see.

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