OddStockTrader Scan 12/12/2016

Decided to do a free scan today to give some people not a part of IU what my scans look like for the most part. Lot’s of interesting movers in the OTC land so going to go back to really focusing on those moves on a daily basis. Been seeing some moves in stocks I haven’t in years and it really excites me for the next couple months/years. Some of these are such low volume and are not on anyone’s radars until the MOVE happens with volume. I will be using my intra-day DROPPER scan to find some of these as they can signal some of the promos starting.

AIOM – This is the exact style chart you will start to see in the coming days. Generally very hard to get shares to borrow the the bounce plays are what I look for. Soon you will likely find out who the GOOD promoters are based on these long chart movers and then it will be a race to get into the promo’s first just like with APS.

AXPW – This is one of my favorite style chart setups. Take a look at my power long post to understand why.

WLTGQ – Chart has held up very very well. Looking for the breakout and .30 test.

WGBS Р Recent r/s and been holding up there last couple days. Looking for the 5 breakout.

IDXG – Pretty amazing that once we found out they needed $1 per share ASAP they ran the pants off the stock, impressive to say the least. They also need to keep it up over $1 for 8 more trading days.

INCC – For subber lovers, this chart has been holding well and has that look I really like for eventual continuation.