Odd Stock Trading Watchlist 6/29/2016

Pretty nice day today for me, got to live trade in front of my 90 year old grandma, and man o man, she is STILL sharp as a tack and loves loves loves trading, wakes up at 6am each day and watches till the close. It amazed me to be honest, she found something she loved to do each day and that what my ultimate goal is in life. Anyways, tomorrow for me is going to be a lot of Red to Green type of trades so lets get to it.

TWLO- Amazing move lately on this one, had been expecting 33’s at some point, got them today, looking for any scoops in the am around 29.50s for continuation on this provided the overall market continues higher tomorrow.

CCCR – Looking for any weak open for scoops for a speedup into $2 push, if no weak open, looking for the $2 parabolic around 2.20-30s to start into on short side with risks around 2.50s Not a bunch of volume per day on this one so just be aware that I will only want to trade it based on those two options.