Odd Stock Scan for 7/7/2016

Hell of a day on TWLO, hope everyone that traded it nailed it today, sometimes you just get the stock to do exactly what you expect and it becomes one of the easiest and stress free days you have. I wanted to really just trade 4-5 names vs. the normal 15+ I end up doing, not today, was perfect and really happy about keeping that number down and was able to relax for a few minutes away from the screens.. Hopefully everyone got to see Nate’s wonderful new baby girl, big congrats to him and family. Tomorrow should be ripe with opportunity so lets get into it.

TWLO – NAILED IT, doesn’t happen to often things work out this perfect after waiting 3 days for the right setup, but sometimes patience is the most important thing, on both side of the trade. Still swinging a bunch with a healthy locked in profit, can go back to 35 for all I care, still the big picture idea on this one. Hopefully morning rush to sell a few into, wait for weakness to scoop dips. Great work on this one today guys, all around awesome.

EYES – Crazy late a/h ramp on news I think that was out mid day, so pretty crazy, however if it can hold the 4s I’ll scoop this thing for a long.

MRNS – Thick one it seemed today, just took a scalp on it and missed the late day move. Expecting weak open and ramp r/g, love the chart on this one and the gap fill idea for possible swing, similar to GALE last week.

TSRO – 1 of 2 things. Weak open scoops for long, or crazy parabolic towards $100 for the short, had a few PM’s today and forgot to alert the covers on this, so apologies for that one sometimes when I have 20 people talking to me I forget a few things lol.

ARLP – Weak open r/g move, provided SPY doesn’t do anything spooky.

BLUE – Bios seeming like they may have found a bottom, this is the thinner of the ones out there so watch your sizing. But anything near 47-46 area would love to start in long.

LEDS – Insane a/h mover, just keeping my eye on it for possible trade either way, seems like a likely squeezer though.

XRA – Just an eyeball if gold keeps it up, like this for the 1.50 breakout.