Odd Stock Scan for 7/8/2016

Boy, was I absolutely tired this morning, from long night of soccer to not being able to get more than 1 hour of sleep, just pooped out, still gotta be awake for the open regardless though. I rarely ever miss that as its the most profitable part of the day for me.

No videos tonight though because I will be going to bed right after this. Managed to nail $DHRM on stapes alert today in 4 minutes and that pretty much ended the day for me as far as the trading going. Tried to take a nap, but no real luck. Still swinging TWLO although I did hold the higher end too long and only took a small gain on it. Just want to do the same tomorrow, play the open, hang around to see if there are any runners and go from there. EPRS was the other nice win of the day as well along with PVAHQ from the .05s which was the sweetest one.

EBIO – Crazyness after hour on what we expected news, I want to fade this one hard tomorrow as long as the short sets up correctly, going to use my guide of the rule of 4’s on this one. Click that link to get an idea of what I mean.

LEDS – What a monster today! Had no idea this move would be a big as it was, but same idea as above, looking to scale into the short on this one, provided it gives the right look. Still probably a few trapped on this one so 13-14 not out of the question.

BGI – Weak open for r/g ramp.

MEET – So help me I will nail this one once it does the massive………