Odd Stock Scan 7/01/16

Great trades on AMPE and GALE today, was nice after the crappy day I had yesterday going like 1 for 12, happens, shake it off and come prepared each day is what its about. As maybe some of you noticed that when I am having a crap day, I post very little in the room, I do that for a very specific reason, Im off my game or very cold for that day and no reason to compound that by alerting the bad trades of the day. My main reason most the time to alert is show in a way what I am thinking before it even happens, IE GALE and AMPE. My style is all about finding momo before it happens, The chat is called momo room after all ;). Anyways on to what I am looking for tomorrow.

AMPE – Perfect $1 breakout on this one today from the huge wash, still like all the dips near the sub 1.20 area provided the trend holds and 1.10 is the base, great r/r here and fully expect $2 at some point.

GALE – Still have some swinging overnight from the .40s expecting same type of action as AMPE idea, but looking for the $1 swing, maybe a max of .60-70 tomorrow provided the market holds.

VGZ – Looking to see if 2 fails to hold and overall weakness in gold futures.

NUGT – Could provide a massive breakout over 130-135 going to eyeball this one if 125 tests and holds for scoops long.

RIG – Looking for dips in the morning and 12 breakout, this is one sick chart setup.

TWLO – Keeping this one on radar as it is providing to us great trade opps each day on it with a lot of volatile move with liquidity (exactly what we all love to trade) I expect more wash near the 34 area, but this time I want to look big picture like GPRO and start to scale in small and swing this into the $50-$60 area GPRO style obviously it will need to continue its pattern, but expecting 2 maybe 3 days consolidation then catch all early shorts off their toes.