Odd Stock Scan 6/30/2016

Man, had a rough start to the morning, really only wanted to trade TWLO around sub 30 and focus on that today, instead got distracted and involved in the “starter” game and in like 15 different tickers. When I do this it generally leads to a self destruction mode and end up taking small loss after small loss, adding up into a larger size losing day. Anyways, going to focus only on a few names tomorrow and ignore the noise. Also, got some big news today which I will let everyone know here shortly, just have to get the details ironed out. So, on to the game plan for me tomorrow. ALSO, webinar tomorrow night so bring the questions.

TWLO – What a perfect read on this one, was angry tho that it gapped up, because of this didn’t want to “chase” the move so patience turned into just watching what I expected to happen, happen. Anyways tomorrow I’ll be looking to actually change bias to the short side. I expect a gap over $40 with a rush into $45+ then look to scale in from there.

TSRO – Looking for rush back on 80 test for the scale into the short side, however if very weak open, will look to join some momo on the long side with that same 80 area in mind.

XRA – Scooping anything sub 1.20 for the long side continuation and risking off that $1 mark., really like this one for a multiple day move.