Hot Stocks To Trade Watch List 7/11/2016

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to go on Monday, Spent quite a bit of time today learning how to refine my videos for you guys, that way they are short, sweet, visually awesome and to the point faster. Looks like we might be having some new All-time highs coming very shortly on the the SPY, which means we could start to see some crazy moves during the typical slow summers, which would be awesome. Plan for tomorrow is to stick to just a few names and try and get a few trades fully recorded and go from there. Let’s take a look at what we having coming up for tomorrow:

DGLY – What a crazy mover Friday, seeing some other post about violence, but have a feeling this might be a one a done this time. This pig will only stay up on three things, 1. More gun violence in the media 2. Media starts talking about cameras on cops 3. If all the shorts Friday are stubborn, and in this case it might get $15 again. Who knows, but I will be trading whichever trend it picks. I am inclined to snag a morning wash sub 6.50s for the long.

VII – Same reasoning as DGLY on this one, will long if $1 starts to base and hold.

TWLO – Back on radar, hasn’t been the easiest swing to hold the last few days, but glad I took the day trade profits when I did or I would likely be in a nice size loser at this point. Looking for $35 wash and base to get long for the daytrade.