Hot Stocks to Trade for July 15th.

Made a few good trades right out the gate, but gave back nearly everything messing around in the middle of the day. Was kind of foolish and I even knew better to just get away from the screens after the 1st hour of the day so be it I guess. Tomorrow, have a feeling we get a lot of the same mid day snooze action. There were a few movers but even then it was pretty slow overall, just not my favorite trading environment so that brings me a good point. ONLY trade what you know is in your wheelhouse then you will save that ammo for the much better plays.Overall, I think we might have a weakish Friday and might start the w/e early if I have a good morning.


TWLO – just amazing, was talking with a few today and fully expected a red move at some point to scoop more for the swing long but think we need 1 more day of full consolidation. Someone is going to likely get really burnt on the short side of this. Don’t expect much tomorrow on it, but we will see what the market gives you


BCLI – Something about a topline monday news release sent this one flying, nearly $4 a/h. Looking for any weak open around 3.50s for the scoop long.

OPTT – Crazy squeezer today, but has history of failing and yes it did have an ugly close. I will actually be taking that “it can’t hold gains” as a sign for the long. I like anything sub 4.50-4.30 area for the starter.

DRWI – Weak open r/g

KURA – Morning rush into parabolic for the short. As always when I short I try to wait for that 1st crack of momentum near the top to start in. May get 6.5s on this one.

BGI – A very very interesting one here, take a look at each morning, it rips hard and sits back. Eventually that morning rip will catch everyone off guard and send it. This is going to be my main watch and likely take the starter out the gate regardless, plus its a Friday so that might help this reasoning.