Hot Stocks to Trade July 13th 2016

I was debating putting LEDS on the list last night for a morning r/g bounce move, hindsight there oh well. Today was overall pretty slow, but still decent for me. Sadly, was in scalp mode, but if the market is going to be slow after you take positions, sometimes that’s the best course of action to take. You have to let the market sometimes dictate how you trade on the given day, and so be it that’s what we got today. Other then that some amazing moves in the market, WHO KNEW we would be at all times highs this fast after BREXIT, pretty amazing. Here is what we got on tap for tomorrow.

MEET – Looking to scale into this one on the short side again. Had a decent win on it today but didn’t get the size I wanted. The real question is do they keep it up till earnings or allow it to make a pull back. Either way my risk will be on 6.50s

JUNO – Nice a/h news on this one, should be pretty volatile tomorrow, so just going to trade it based on the action.

TWER – Interesting push into the close, but might still have some sheep long on the name. Either way going to keep my on on this and any base at 2.50s