Day Trading Hot Stock Scan for November 6, 2012

What a crazy ass day today, so much was going on that I just had to leave and go to the gym, before I messed around with profits. Today’s scan will be a little different then I normally do, why? Because I am always about fast profits, so that means if there are hot penny stocks right now, go with it! With that said, let’s take a look at the stocks for tomorrows trading day.

$SRGE (long 75,000 Shares) what a perfect move today! This was text book and I called it for anyone that cared to listed yesterday, expecting a push and same pattern with a parabolic and selling around .015-.0165 area, that spike is a misprint by the way.

$MSPD breakout today failed at $3.80 even with a SA article, which probably caused that spike anyways, earning beat estimates after the close so, looking for a good swing to around $4.50

$PRTN JUST. FUCKING. SICK….moving due to $GWBU move over the last few days, as this is an old APS stock…if it drops to .01 I will long….litterally missed my bid getting hit at .0099 on the drop, as it hit .01 lol

$GWBU one more parablolic day, then its dead

$ICAD massive relative volume, worth putting on eye on

$NTE sick sick move today, looking for a r/g move tomorow.

$VLNX maybe the same as $PRTN and $GWBU????? would be fun

$HOV about to rip to new multi-year highs..could be a sweet swing trade.