Day Trading Hot Stock Scan for November 5, 2012

So, it has been quite a while since I have made a scan, and they are not easy, each one take about an hour of my time a day, and doing them for free will be something I continue to do, along with some other changes that will be coming along.

I plan on doing a full on training site with videos and test’s and the whole sha-bang, I plan on giving out three or more free videos/training modules and charging for a subscription based, part. I still work full time so, I cannot really justify charging for a day trading service, when myself I only trade part time right now. SOOOO much more to come, and hope to hear your thoughts on it.

Top Five Stocks I am watching for Nov. 5th

$MSPD boy o boy this thing is ripe for the breakout, watching for over that $3.80 tomorrow, but if it holds $3.60 for at least an hour in the am, I will be long

$LPHI gonna be hot tomorrow, nice cup forming and over $2.75 is my entry, when this fails to breakout, it drops hard and fast, so watch that move

$GNW could start to move hard soon, OVER $6.25 for the big push and breakout

$GRPN like the red hammer candle here, watch the open and any gearing movement, had a nice close on friday

$CHTP nice bounce on the old breakout $1.50 area, looking for more legs in the coming days and a test of $2

$SRGE (long 20,000) this thing could explode, and the pattern is amazing, it IS a subber, so trade only if you like massive swings, over .0095 is the big breakout…if it goes…might see…yes I will say it… around .04 within the month